Calls for German national anthem to be changed due to 'sexism'

Calls for German national anthem to be changed due to 'sexism'

A letter by Kristin Rose-Mohring has been leaked

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Feminists are calling for the words to Germany's national anthem to be changed, as it is claimed using "fatherland" and "brotherly" is sexist.

A leaked letter written by equal opportunities commissioner Kristin Rose-Mohring suggests the song should become gender neutral.

It read "why don't we make our national anthem gender sensitive” as "it wouldn't hurt, would it?"

Rose-Mohring claims the word 'fatherland' should be changed to 'homeland', whilst 'brotherly' should become 'courageous'.

The words are used in the lines translated as “unity and justice and freedom for the German fatherland” and "let us strive for it together, brotherly with heart and hand."

Despite the calls it's not likely that the anthem will be changed any time soon, as a spokesperson for Angela Merkel said: “The Chancellor is very happy with our nice national anthem as it is in its traditional form and doesn’t see any need for change."

The song is currently one of the most altered anthems, according to The Telegraph, as only the third verse is used due to the first two being seen as inappropriate now.

This is because of the way the first verse was used by the Nazis as propaganda as it suggests unifying different principalities into one country.

The second verse heavily celebrates German women, beer, wine, loyalty, and song.