From Charles Manson to Robert Mugabe: The Two Mikes play 'Heroes and Villains'

The Two Mikes play 'Heroes and Villains'

Our two hosts named the two people they think of as heroes and those they think to be villains

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Charles Manson, Robert Mugabe and Paperchase... none of them have escaped the wrath of talkRADIO's dynamic duo.

The Two Mikes have been playing their favourite game, 'Heroes and Villains', which allows them to sit in judgement on the world like a more irascible version of Waldorf and Statler.

How it works is simple: our glamorous hosts choose two celebrated individuals and two not-so-celebrated individuals, while their choices are judged by the producers on their show. 

This time, Porky's heroes were Cillian Murphy and Banarama, and his villains were Charles Manson and Bill Clinton.

MG's hero choices were ZANU-PF for deciding to get rid of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and Sir David Attenborough, while his villains were Kezia Dugdale for taking party in I'm A Celebrity and Paperchase for apologising for advertisements in the Daily Mail. 

What do you think of their choices? 

Watch the segment above.