Christmas is on the here's six of the weirdest advent calendars

Christmas is here's six of the weirdest advent calendars

Have you opened the first door on your advent calendar?

Friday, December 1, 2017

With Brexit going belly-up and Donald Trump retweeting far-right extremists, we all need a bit of joy and cheer today.

So, as it's December 1, we've compiled a list of the weirdest and most wonderful advent calendars on the market.

Of course, most people will have an advent calendar with chocolate behind each door. Just a small treat each day (unless you're one of those people who have no patience).

However other people will have decided to be a little different this year, and chosen a more unusual calendar. So we thought it was only right to bring you some of the weirdest advent calendars out there.

First up, a tea bag calendar. Behind each door is a tea bag. That might sound a bit, well, dull, but apparently all the bags are different flavours, which is lovely.

For those that like a drop of alcohol, an absinthe calendar is on offer. This calendar contains 24 different bottles of the spirit, but it will set you back £139.95, so it's a little pricey (you could probably go down the local booze shop and get 24 individual bottles of absinthe for far less, were you so inclined).

DIY lovers have not been left out either. Throughout December they can create a 24-piece tool kit on the run-up to Christmas, thanks to the Wera Tools advent calendar. Probably useful if you're planning on doing up your home during the festive period. 

Online you can also find a variety of horse advent calendars. No that's not an advent calender featuring's an advent calendar for horses themselves. It's packed full of equine treats, although we think the horses might have a little trouble opening the windows.

Moving on, make-up might be key for a Christmas what better way to get the latest accessories than in a make-up advent calendar? But we warned...again these can be pretty expensive, some cost over £100.