'Down to earth' Vera Lynn praised by daughter as she turns 100

Dame Vera Lynn: 'She's very down to earth and remembers where she's from', says daughter

Dame Vera Lynn has turned 100

Monday, March 20, 2017

Dame Vera Lynn's daughter joined Paul Ross to chat about her mother's 100th birthday.

Lynn, known as the forces' sweetheart, is celebrating her 100th birthday today (March 20). To mark the occasion she has released a new album, making her to oldest person ever to do so. 

Virginia Lewis-Jones told Paul Ross that her mother "doesn’t like people who put on airs and graces. She always remembers from where she came. It’s important to keep your feet on the ground and she’s always done so."

Lewis-Jones also added that there wasn't a specific time she realised her mother was famous, as she was "born into it."

She said: “Her career was on a high anyway when I was born, as far as I was concerned she was always a celebrity, it’s a terribly overused word these days."

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