Katie Piper: 'Looking good doesn't give you real confidence'

Katie Piper on her new book and finding confidence

The TV presenter popped by the studio for a chat

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Katie Piper came into the talkRADIO studio today for a chat with Paul Ross and said that real, lasting confidence doesn't come simply from looking good.

The TV presenter and author, who was the victim of a horrific acid attack in 2008, has released a book called Confidence: The Secret, which offers tips on how to "acheive the confidence you never thought possible". 

The book also details Piper's own journey and describes how she found her happiness after her ordeal. 

Piper told Paul that she had to rebuild her persona after the attack, which left her with major scars.

She added that, while some people might think that being attractive is the secret to confidence, the boost it provides is only fleeting; real confidence comes from being a well-rounded, well-balanced person.

She also said that being a 'yes' person can compromise happiness, while saying no to people can establish boundaries and earn respect.

Watch her interview above.