Lee Latchford-Evans from Steps chats about the band's reunion

Lee Latchford-Evans from Steps chats about the new single, album, and reunion

Lee Latchford-Evans (second from left), spoke to Paul Ross about the upcoming tour

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lee Latchford-Evans from Steps came on talkRADIO for a chat with Paul Ross - and spilled the beans on the band's much-touted reunion.

After 20 years, Steps - who saw massive success in the 90s - have reunited, to national headlines. They have produced a new single, Scared Of The Dark, and a new album called Tears On The Dancefloor. 

They will also be going on a reunion tour in the hope of winning Britain's hearts all over again.

In an interview with our breakfast host, the singer spoke about the new work, his hopes for the tour, and reflected on his career in the group.

He said: "It's very scary. We're asking where the time went.

"I'd like to think we'll build a new fanbase [on the tour]. What we've experienced is all the people who were fans 20 years ago bringing their children along.

"We have a potential opportunity to open up to a bunch of new fans."

The Steps reunion tour opens on November 13 in Dublin.