Podcast: The Motor Show with Andy Jaye - Saturday, April 15

Podcast: The Motor Show with Andy Jaye - Saturday, April 15

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Monday, April 17, 2017

This week on The Motor Show with Andy Jaye podcast, Andy and the Rebecca Jones invite you along for an Easter extravaganza. Firstly they talk Fast 8 with an inventor of one of the main machines in the new film, Geoff from Howe and Howe technologies -  what he and his company have created almost defies belief.

Meanwhile, poster boy Sir Alex Goy went off to Spain this week to drive the new Volkswagen Golf GTi and he told Andy and Becks exactly what he thought of it whilst addressing the social media backlash he faced following his posting of a certain video which upset a few of a particular car's fans. 

Then it's time for our celebrities to unleash their Ultimate Dream Drives on your ears; and what a selection of celebs we have for you this week - Rylan, Amanda Barrie and everyone's favourite uncle Larry Lamb. Where do they go and who are they taking? Relax, take it easy and let our musical soundtrack guide you through it.

Then gadget expert and TV presenter Jason Bradbury goes Back to the Future - almost literally - as he drops in for a fascinating look into his world. He talks everything from past projects, his present day plans as well as some futurology as well. However, that's not the coolest thing he showcases - you'll have to stay tuned for that, especially if your name is Marty McFly.

Next up you'll hear from Ed Fries which is a name you may not know. Ed very seasonally went looking for the first Easter Egg in a computer game - and if you're thinking the foil covered chocolate variety you'd be sadly mistaken. As a former Microsoft gaming developer and pioneer of the Xbox, Ed's Easter Egg hunt was certainly well hidden and required a very detailed search to find it. So what are gaming Easter Eggs and where do you find them? Ed will tell you. 

Lastly, James Cook is back and this week he's talking PR disasters. What did United and Pepsi do so badly wrong last week? Is social media going to be the end of the big company? And who is Justine Secco? All these questions and more answered with the usual panache by the ever fascinating Mr Cook.

A long weekend and an extra long Motor Show podcast to boot, we're spoiling you for sure!

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