Iain Lee praises the genius of James Whale: 'You don't have to think when you listen to him'

Iain Lee says 'you don't have to think' when you listen to James Whale's show

Iain Lee discussed James Whale's show

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Iain Lee had a chat with a caller on his show, and they both agreed that James Whale is a genius - but his show is slightly stuck in the past.

Both James and Iain have recently been having discussions on air about who is the better presenter. 

Iain said: “You don’t have to think, do you, when you listen to James Whale."

He claimed that although James "nicked his act" from the Americans, when he first started out “it would have seemed quite fresh and new to British audiences."

However, the caller did add that he likes the way he can "still listen to that same show now. [James is] still doing it after all those years."

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