Jon Holmes says Martin McGuinness could appear on Strictly after political resignation

Jon Holmes promises to provide 'comfort and entertainment' to listeners

Jon Holmes promised 'comfort and entertainment'

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jon Holmes suggests Martin McGuinness could make a shock appearance on Strictly following his resignation as Northern Ireland's deputy first minister.

On his opening monologue, our star afternoon host also said he was providing "some relief to those people working very hard out there, which makes me immensely proud." However he slightly ruined the sentiment by adding "if that kind of self-righteous twaddle is good enough for Tom Hiddleston’s speech at the Golden Globes I thought we’d give it a try.

"We can provide you, even if you are listening to this walking to a hospital right now on the talkRADIO app clutching your severed arm…if it’s you, unlike Jeremy Hunt we can guarantee not four hours but three hours of relief."

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