Legxit: Five other historic events that can be reduced to a battle of the pins

The surrender of Confederate forces in the American Civil War, 1865
Paris Peace conference, 1919
Potsdam conference, 1945
Reagan meets Gorbachev
St Andrews summit

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

If we've learned one thing this morning, it's that no news story is too big to be belittled and trivialised by the British press.

The Mail's screamer 'Legs-it' headline redcued one of the most significant political meetings of the year to a sexist posedown, objectifying and ridiculing arguably the two most powerful women in Britain.

Journalists and editors love adding 'colour' to a news item, finding a new angle to squeeze fresh juice from a rolling story and gain an edge on the competition. But, if we're honest, the Mail's headline seemed a rather crass way of achieving this end.

But it did get us thinking. If a potentially decisive summit on the future of the United Kingdom can be demeaned in this way, why not other events? What other momentous historical gatherings can we reduce to a leg-off?

Well we've been combing the length and breadth of cyberspace and have found five classic images which could easily be given their own take on 'legs-it'. In fact, one might argue that in each of these cases the newspapers paid insufficient attention to the pins of the protagonists, so it's high time someone did so.

Scroll through our gallery to take a look at the five events, and judge for yourself who came out on top in these historic battles of the lower limb.