‘Argentine Fritzl’ kept his family locked up for nine years, police claim

Reynoso's torture was uncovered by his son (Twitter)

Reynoso being led away (Twitter)

Friday, April 21, 2017

A man in Argentina allegedly enslaved his family for nine years and fathered his own grandchildren, in a case which echoes the infamous crimes of Josef Fritzl.

Police say Miguel Ubaldo Reynoso, 55, kept his wife, daughter and two grandchildren, aged 11 and five, in conditions of slavery at their home in Canuelas, in the province of Buenos Aires.

The suspect was captured after being denounced by one of his sons, Brian, who had left the family home years earlier. Bryan Reynoso paid a surprise visit to the house and, noticing that the door had been sealed up, broke it down and rescued the family.

Miguel Reynoso tried to escape, but officers detained him in the nearby city of Florencio Varela.

His wife, Marcela Alejandra del Este, told police she had first reported him for raping their daughter Joana, who is disabled, nine years ago - prompting him to enslave both women.

It is claimed that Reynoso prohibited his victims from leaving the house and told them that, if they ever tried to get help, he would kill them. His wife says he raped Joana repeatedly, leading to the birth of the grandchildren.

Joana was taken to hospital after her release from the house, suffering from severe abdominal pains, and doctors discovered that she is eight months pregnant. Her mother claims the father of the baby is Miguel, because he raped her in the bathroom less than a year ago.

Reynoso is charged with kidnapping and coercion. The investigation continues.