Brexit: 'It's time to put Britain back to work' says George Galloway

Brexit: 'Where are our workers?', asks George Galloway

George Galloway gave a passionate monologue about British workers after receiving a tweet on EU workers

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

George Galloway had passionate words to say about foreign workers on his latest talkRADIO show.

In response to a tweet from a user who "thanked the EU" for the "three beautiful young Italians" he lives with, George said "There's no reason why, once we've left the EU, that any beautiful young Italians currently living here cannot stay. It's certainly my policy that they must be allowed to stay. 

"We want to be a sovereign independent country who want to decide whether we need three new beautiful young Italians to fill jobs not being filled by British Workers. Where are our workers?"

Galloway said that, even on a recent visit to Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands, he found foreign workers everywhere, "speaking European languages," and suggested British workers should have a better chance of employment.

"One of the reasons why I wanted to leave the European Union was so we could get our own people back to work," he said. "Even those who have fallen out of the habit of working and won't work for the wages the foreign workers are working for.

"I want a government that is free to take the necessary action to put our country back to work and make us a manufacturing power again, because we don't have that power so long as we remain in the European Union." 

Listen above.