Brexiteer James Cleverly struggles when grilled on EU migrants by James Whale

'Calling a general election now is a smart move, as it will allow for calm, sensible Brexit negotiations'

James Cleverly believes Theresa May was right to call an election

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Brexiteer and former Tory MP James Cleverly faced a tough grilling on James Whale's show, centring on the future rights of EU migrants in the UK.

Our presenters repeatedly asked his guest if he thought Britain should eject migrants from the EU following the break with Brussels.

He said there is "no appetite" for this to happen, however "the first priority of a British government is to protect British citizens" and if "our partners in the EU decide to do something really spiteful and disruptive to British citizens living the EU", there's a possibility of retaliation.

The interview became increasingly tetchy, with co-presenters James Whale and Ash struggling to nail down their interviewee's position.

Cleverly, currently standing for re-election in Braintree, also told James Whale and Ash that Theresa May was right to call a general election, as it will improve the chances of smooth Brexit negotiations.

He claims that this is because Britain, France and Germany will have soon all completed their election period, meaning leaders will be firmly in place for talks.

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