David Cameron should be made to publicly apologise for Brexit, says James Whale

'If we leave the single market and the customs union, there will be no good news from Brexit', says Claude Moraes MEP

Claude Moraes believes we shouldn't leave the single market

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

David Cameron should be brought out in public and made to apologise for leading Britain into the unknown by sanctioning a referendum on the EU.

That's according to talkRADIO's James Whale, who said no-one knew what would happen in the event of a Brexit vote and Cameron exposed the country to a huge risk.

Whale made the comments during an interivew with MEP Claude Moraes, who condemned the "tabloid-led frenzy" surrounding Brexit and suggested that Sir Ivan Rogers was right to warn that the negotiations could take years. 

Moraes told James: “At the moment we just have this tabloid noise that we’re going to have a simple trade deal.

“We’re going to be out of the single market, out of the customs union, and the reason we’re going to be out of that is because it doesn’t look like there can be a deal on any kind of limited free movement.

“If we come out of the single market and the custom union, I don’t see any good news whatsoever from that."

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