Education is the best way to tackle UK prison crisis, says former inmate

'Children need to be educated about crime, to reduce the number of prisoners in future', says former prisoner - unfinished

Riots broke out at HMP Birmingham last week

Friday, December 23, 2016

We need to educate children about crime to reduce the amount of prisoners in future, says a former inmate.

The prison system has come under scrutiny after riot officers were called in to contain a disturbance in Kent at HMP Swaleside last night. Last week a riot also broke out at HMP Birmingham, which took 12 hours to control.

Paul, a former prisoner who now educates children about crime, told James Whale: “When you’re in jail you’re locked up 24 hours and it's frustrating.

"It only takes one bit of bad weather or a couple of guards to be off sick and there not be enough prison officers to open up the doors for exercise."

To improve the prisons, he said, "It’s about educating the young kids about crime. If we can reduce the amount of young people getting involved in drugs, then there will be less crime. 

"Unless we do that it’s going to get worse."

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