Finsbury Park: 'Community police officers are needed now more than ever to reassure the public'

'Community police officers are needed now more than ever to gather intelligence and reassure the public'

An attack took place at Finsbury Park

Monday, June 19, 2017

We need community police officers more than ever to reassure the public and gather intelligence in light of recent events, according to a former Metropolitan police officer.

Chris Hobbs made the comments after a terror attack took place in Finsbury Park today (June 19), when a van was driven into people who were outside a mosque.

Hobbs told Sam Delaney: "Amber Rudd rubbishing community policing, as she’s done, is a nonsense because now we need them more than ever and they’re just not there.

"This is where you would want your community cops out there reassuring, because the community would know them or hopefully trust them, reassuring the community and gathering what intelligence might be out there and there's a lot.

He believes what "we're getting now is a pressure cooker that in all sorts of ways is coming to the boil." He thinks "police are going to struggle to deal with it if [these attacks are] something that erupts nationwide."

Hobbs added: "I don’t think the Met would have come out and said it’s a terror attack without being pretty certain that the mosque or the worshipers outside the mosque were the target."

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