Fishermen's body blasts unsustainable haddock fishing claims as 'bonkers'

'Claiming haddock fishing is unsustainable is bonkers and nothing will change', says NFFO

Haddock has been removed from the list of sustainable fish to eat

Friday, March 17, 2017

Taking haddock off the list of sustainable fish is "bonkers" but it won't affect consumers and prices much, says the National Federation of Fisherman's Organisations.

Haddock from the west of Scotland and the North Sea has been removed from the list of sustainable fish to eat because numbers of the fish have fallen. 

However, chief executive Barry Deas disagrees strongly with the decision and told Julia Hartley-Brewer that "this is all bonkers." He said that the amount of haddock that is fished is "regulated by quota and that’s based on scientific advice", so it should be fine. 

Deas also said that there are "big surges in the populations that come through every 10 years or so" and at the moment there are less haddock which is a "natural fluctuation."

He added that it is frustrating as "scaring consumers off one particular species in a panic reaction doesn’t make sense." However, "evidence seems to suggest this has a pretty marginal" affect on consumers and prices.

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