George Galloway: 'Given Labour's current mess I’m glad to be standing in Manchester Gorton as an independent'

George Galloway: 'Given the current mess in the Labour party I’m glad to be standing as an independent'

George Galloway will run in the Manchester Gorton by-election

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

George Galloway has said that he's glad to stand as an independent candidate in the Manchester Gorton by-election - because the Labour Party is in such a mess.

The talkRADIO presenter has announced that he will be running in the by-election, which is likely to be held on May 4.

He told us: "I have a long history with Manchester Gorton. I always felt an affinity to the area. When the very big shoes of Gerald Kaufman were vacated by his sad passing it was an obvious place for me to continue the work we did together."

When asked whether he would seek to rejoin Labour and stand for Jeremy Corbyn's party, Galloway said: "I’m going to stand as an independent. I’m not in the Labour Party and given the state of the Labour I’m better off out.

"Gorton has been left behind in Manchester. It’s in the bottom 10 of deprived constituencies and anyone who’s walked around some of the wards knows what that deprivation looks like. I’d be a strong voice for the left-behind."

Whilst talking to Paul Ross this morning he also said: "People will have to choose whether they want to continue to be represented by someone who is not ordinary.

"[A candidate] who has if you like, a big profile and is listened to whether people agree with him or not by all kinds of people throughout the country and indeed outside of this country."

Listen to the full interview with Paul Ross above