Gok Wan dishes on his new show and his incredible journey

Gok Wan once weighed 20 stone but has transformed his life

Gok Wan has become one of Britain's most recognisable TV stars

Friday, September 15, 2017

Gok Wan visited the talkRADIO stories to discuss his smash-hit live show Naked & Baring All - and revealed it's become a form of "personal therapy" to me.

Gok, who became an international superstar as the presenter of How to Look Good Naked, said his show charts his journey from a troubled childhood on a council estate "being fat, and mixed-race, gay and stuff" to his incredible TV career and subsequent fame.

He told Paul Ross and Daisy McAndrew "I use the audience as a tool to get into the different stories.

"It's cathartic, it's like personal therapy in a way".

Gok, who weighed up to 20 stone as a teenager, also gave Paul and Daisy his view on obesity and the causes of i

He said he is reluctant to blame anyone when a person is fat, as this can be hugely destructive, and medical professionals must be extremely careful when dealing with overweight people.

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