Heelgate: Petition author Nicola Thorp says companies have no business deciding how women dress

Heelgate: 'How is a woman's grooming a company's business?' asks Nicola Thorpe

The young woman who sparked the petition spoke to Julia about the debate in Parliament

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The woman who sparked a debate on workplace dress codes after she was sent home for not wearing high heels has said a company has no business telling its female employees what to wear.

Nicola Thorp spoke to talkRADIO after the MPs' debate on whether or not to ban employers from forcing women to wear high heels, in response to her petition.

At the end of the discussion, they issued a warning for employers not to make high heels mandatory.  

Thorp spoke about her reasons for starting the petition on Julia Hartley-Brewer's show.

She said: "I thought I was causing trouble. I thought I needed to accept it, but it had been the fourth time this had happened to me.

"And I thought, if this is happened to me over heels, then what’s happened to other women for other reasons?

“That’s something the inquiry found, that women of colour were being told to wear ‘flesh-coloured’ tights.

“How is it their [the company's] business? What does it mean about the company?

"Can we only do our jobs if we’re taller and more pretty? What does it mean about the clientele?"