Iain Lee says he's sick of James Whale teasing him

Iain said he was sick of James's bullying

James Whale got a stern rebuke from Iain Lee last night - but he probably won't take much notice

Friday, February 3, 2017

Iain Lee has been discussing teasing on his show. Specifically, one particular tease who is causing him no end of trouble.

Yep, it's James Whale, who gives Iain no end of grief when he hands over to him at 10pm. James has a hugely popular show of his own but Iain's fans have had enough of his naughty behaviour.

Iain read out two different messages - one of them, from Stuart (which may be a pseudonym) said he hates and despises people like James and finds his outrageous chicanery "heartbreaking."

Another correspondent said they were in "disbelief" at James's completely "unprofessional" attitude, adding that it soured their talkRADIO listening experience.

Iain said he was grateful for his fans' sympathy and is happy that this issue is now out in the open.

talkRADIO has contacted James for a response but he was rather mean to us when we went upstairs to see him, so we went away again.

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