Idlib massacre: War Child condemns alleged chemical weapons atrocities

War Child UK representative condemns alleged chemical weapons use in Syria

There were two suspected chemical attacks in Syria this week

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The alleged use of chemical weapons in Idlib this week has been condemned  by a senior member of War Child, a campaign group set up to improve the lives of children in conflict.

Up to 72 people have been killed in two suspected chemical attacks in the rebel-held territory of Khan Sheikhun on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Colin Walker, head of policy at War Child UK, said this was one of many war crimes that have been committed over the course of Syria's six-year civil war.

He told Paul Ross: "This isn’t just a horrible civil war, it’s a horrible civil war that’s been characterised by a casual disregard for international humanitarian law.

“The attacks in the Idlib province – words fail me to describe how horrendous it is to use chemical weapons full stop, let alone against your own country’s children. 

"Some of these children also show profound signs of psychosocial trauma. How does a child process this experience, how do they recover?

"War Child provide support and educational facilities, but also psychosocial support for these children."