If the EU collapses we'll thanks our lucky stars for Brexit, says Labour Leave chair John Mills

'If the European Union breaks up we'll be thanking our lucky stars that we weren't involved', says Labour Leave

John Mills says he was never keen on the Leave bus statement

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The prospect of huge instability within the European Union could mean we end up "thanking our lucky stars" for Brexit.

That's according to John Mills, the businessman and chairman of Labour Leave, who was discussing Philip Hammond's budget on the James Whale show.

Hammond's budget, to be announced tomorrow (March 8), is expected to prioritise the creation of an emergency Brexit fund, rather than being geared towards the NHS as many had hoped.

Mills told James Whale: “I think we could spend more money on the National Health Service. Tax receipts are going up [and] there is a bit of slack in the economy.

“I would have thought you’d want to keep the economy bubbling along, in the same way it’s been since the referendum."

Turning to Britain's break with Brussels, Mills said: “If the worst comes to the worst to the European Union [and it breaks up], I think we’ll all be thanking our lucky stars we weren’t involved."

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