James Whale gets angry with Christian Concern's Tim Dieppe over three-parent babies

James Whale clashes with Christian Concern's Tim Dieppe over the three-parent baby technique

The three-parent baby technique has been approved

Friday, December 16, 2016

James Whale got rather annoyed with the head of Christian Concern during a typically full-blooded debate on three-parent babies.

The three-parent baby technique, a form of in vitro fertilisation which will see the DNA from three separate people used in the reproduction process, has been approved by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HEFA), in order to prevent inherited diseases. 

However Christian Concern director Tim Dieppe told James "it is a slippery slope that says we can modify people and we can change people.

"Here we are crossing a line where we’re modifying what a human is…and there’s a difference there. We’re not helping one person, we’re affecting the whole human race."

James and Dieppe then clashed, with our presenter suggesting his interviewee's religious faith was warping his perspective.

Dieppe responded: "I’m coming at this from a Christian perspective, but I’m making the argument from science and reason because you’re right that you’re not going to accept me saying do this because I say so."

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