Jeremy Corbyn tax return problems are nothing to do with him, says expert David Buik

'Problems with Jeremy Corbyn's tax return are not anything to do with him', says Panmure Gordon

Jeremy Corbyn has published his tax return

Monday, March 6, 2017

If there are any problems with Jeremy Corbyn's tax return we should blame his accountant, not him, says one of Britain's leading tax experts.

Mr Corbyn has published his tax returns after a call for transparency from politicians. However some have claimed he has not declared his earnings as the leader of the Labour party. 

Market commentator and City veteran David Buik told Julia Hartley-Brewer that he doesn't think Corbyn is "duplicitous" but is in fact a very honest and well-meaning person.

He added that Mr Corbyn is likely to be "irritated [by the criticism] because it bores him to death because it’s not his main agenda."

Buik, an MBE for his services to the financial sector, believes the Labour  is now paying for "a professional chartered accountant to submit his tax return, therefore any discrepancy between that and the official figures that come from Parliament should be sorted out between the two of them."

Buik said: “I’ve got to be on Jeremy’s side, I don’t think it’s anything to do with him. You can say many things about Jeremy Corbyn…I think he’s be extremely sensitive not to mislead anybody."

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