Jerry Springer asks Donald Trump: 'What are you hiding? Show us how you make your money'

Donald Trump: leaked tax return 'irrelevant because it doesn't show financial interests', says Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer said the tax return doesn't show the extent of Trump's finances

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jerry Springer has called on Donald Trump to release more of his tax returns and asked "what is he hiding?"

Springer, who presents Tales, Tunes, and Tomfoolery on talkRADIO, spoke to Paul Ross after the President's 2005 tax return was leaked to the media and published by MSNBC.

Mr Trump has blasted the leak, calling it "fake news", having consistently refused to reveal his tax returns.

Springer told Paul that the more recent returns now have to be revealed, suggesting that Mr Trump's oft-repeated reason for withholding them - that he is being audited - is "a totally phony excuse.

"He has absolute permission to release his returns. He has chosen not to. And that's the question: what is he hiding?

"If he isn't hiding anything, he should do what every president since Nixon has done... show the American people how you make your money."

Springer added that even the newly leaked tax return is lacking in crucial information.

He said: "What [the documents] don’t reveal is who he owes money to, how he made it, what investments does he have, what banks does he own money to, what countries is he doing business in?

"The question for America is not whether he’s a rich guy, it’s: does he have a conflict of interest?

"That’s what’s important about the returns, and it doesn’t reveal any of this."