John Lewis advert - what are the top five best characters?

John Lewis advert - what are the top five best characters?

The company released their latest heart-stirring Christmas advert on Thursday

Friday, November 10, 2017

Christmas adverts are always heartwarming, and the John Lewis have a reputation for doing them best.

Spending millions, they build characters for the adverts and create storylines designed to tickle the heartstrings.

This year is no exception to the rule, but who has the company created in the past?

See the top five below:

1. Moz The Monster

Moz the Monster is the creation of the 2017 advert. It shows Moz and a young boy becoming friends and playing together at night.

However once the boy becomes fatigued during their nightly play adventures, Moz gets him a special Christmas gift and departs, although he will always be present.

2. Buster the Boxer

This advert from 2016 chronicles the tale of Buster the Boxer dog on Christmas Eve. Once the little girl he belongs to, Bridget, goes to bed, her father sets up a trampoline as her Christmas gift.

However, throughout the night, a badger, some foxes and other woodland creatures bounce on it while Buster watches longingly. On Christmas day, when Bridget sees it, Buster races out and finally achieves his wish to bounce.

3. Monty the Penguin

The 2014 advert was a favourite. It shows the friendship between Monty the penguin and a young boy.

They play with Lego, talk walks in the park, and face off in football. However, it becomes clear that Monty, despite his amazing best friend, is lonely, looking for love.

So his friend, for Christmas, wishes for a lovely lady penguin, and the two fall in love on first sight, before the penguins are revealed to be the boy’s stuffed toys. 

4. The snowman

The 2012 advert tells the story of a snowman travelling land, river, mountains and distance to visit the big city.

On Christmas Day, he has returned with a lovely pair of mittens to give to his female companion. The advert is meant to illustrate the lengths we go to in order to get our loved ones good gifts. 

5. The Bear and the Hare

The 2013 advert tells the story of an animal who had never seen Christmas. Because he has to hibernate for the winter, Bear never gets to see it because he’s always asleep.

So this time around, his dear friend Hare goes the extra mile in order to get him to experience it.

Hare gets him an alarm clock which wakes him up on Christmas Day so he can see the tree the other forest animals have decorated.