Labour conference: Corbyn supporter Chris Williamson says party members aren't abusing Laura Kuenssberg

Monday, September 25, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer had a furious bust-up with Corbyn supporter Chris Williamson over the bodyguards assigned to Laura Kuenssberg at the Labour Party Conference.

Williamson, MP for Derby North, said there's no evidence Labour members are abusing Kuenssberg and anyone who would engage in such behaviour "has no place in the Labour party."

Williamson also refused to state that anyone who intimidates should be expelled from the Labour Party or Momentum. 

He even accused of Julia of suggesting that "reasonable criticism is the same as intimidation" and that critics are "demonising" the Labour Party with false reports of trolling and violence.

Julia was also joined by Labour activist Richard Angell, who said that anyone found guilty of abusing Kuennsberg should be kicked out of the party.

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