'Marine A lawyer says 'he wasn't Rambo... he'd reached breaking point when he shot Taliban fighter'

'Marine A endured six months of hell before shooting injured Taliban fighter', says lawyer

Alexander Blackman has had his conviction quashed

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The lawyer who headed the legal team for 'Marine A' said they will now be pushing for his immediate release from prison - and suggested the circumstances of the case should prompt public sympathy.

Jonathan Goldberg QC was speaking to Sam Delaney after Alexander Blackman's murder conviction was commuted to manslaughter, on grounds of diminished responsibility.

Blackman, who was jailed for shooting an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan, has already served around three and a half years in prison.

Goldberg cited evidence presented by psychiatrists during Blackman's trial, suggesting that "a rambo-type, Arnold Schwarzenegger soldier exists only in the movies. This man had reached his breaking point."

The lawyer said Blackman's previous legal team had made "a very serious emission" by not producing psychiatric evidence about his "six months of hell."

He continued: "We have persuaded the court, who are not soft touches, that the six months of hell he endured leading up to this incident...were the sort of circumstances that turned his head.

"I'm talking about being fired on, having grenades thrown at him. I'm talking about conditions in the camp he was based at which few of us can even imagine they were so vile and primitive.

"He will be resentenced, possibly in days or weeks... [and] we will be trying for his immediate release from prison."

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