Mother and son survive with no food in Australian outback for 10 days

Mother and son survive with no food in Australian outback for 10 days

The pair were lost in Australian bushland (Stock image)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A mother and son have survived after spending 10 days in the Australian outback with no food and using only leaves to collect water.

New South Wales Police said the 40-year-old woman and 9-year-old boy were supposed to be completing a walk in Mount Royal National Park which should take two hours, however they managed to get lost.

In order to survive, the pair helped one another by ensuring they were free of both ticks and leeches, according to authorities.

They managed to survive on just one pair of shoes during their ordeal, and had to use grass to mark trees so they could work out where they had been.

Despite the length of time they spent in the Australian bushland, an ambulance inspector said it was "really good" that they were in reasonable physical health after being in such a hostile environment.

Andrew Steenson said: "There are some steep slopes and thick scrub, and it drops off by about 500m in some parts of the search area."

He also explained that rescue workers were out looking for the mother and son for four days before they were found, Channel News Asia said.

Officials were alerted to the missing pair after the woman's car was seen in a carpark on Monday (October 9).

Mother and son have now been taken to hospital to be treated for insect bites and dehydration.