Mozambican footballer 'eaten by crocodile whilst training'

Mozambican footballer killed by crocodile whilst training

A footballer has reportedly been killed by a crocodile (Stock image)

Monday, March 20, 2017

A Mozambican footballer has been killed by a crocodile after training alongside a river, according to his football club.

The 19-year old played for Mozambique’s second division club Atletico Mineiro de Tete and had been training near the Zambezi river in Tete last Thursday (March 16).

Coach Eduardo Carvalho told AFP: “On that night, he was training and after jogging he stretched his hands into the water and that was when the crocodile caught him."

Two witnesses were present at the time and claimed the crocodile measured around five metres in length, according to Today

Carvalho said they were unable to do anything to save the footballer when he was attacked.

The incident has been confirmed by police spokesman Leonel Muchina, who also said that the body has not been found.