Obese Monkey 'Uncle Fat' placed on emergency diet after gorging on tourist junk food

Monkey who pigged out on junk food rescued and placed on diet in Thailand

'Uncle Fat' weighs a total of 26kg Credit: (Twitter @GlasgowCityNews

Friday, May 19, 2017

A monkey which gorged on soda and junk food left behind by tourists in Thailand has been rescued and put on a diet by wildlife officials. 

In the country, many wild monkeys roam free and are placid, allowing tourists to come and play with them. 

However, this monkey seems to have become accustomed to the rich tourist diet and become a little too comfortable with its human neighbours.

The creature - called 'Uncle Fat' - ballooned to 26kg in weight after gorging on burgers, fries and other treats. Most macaque monkeys weigh around 9kg. 

Pictures of the chunky monkey began circulating on social media in April, and now wildlife officials have caught him and subjected him to a diet of lean proteins and vegetables.

Prior to this, he was apparently at high risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Maybe now he'll be called 'Uncle Thin'?