Parenting expert backs Bear Grylls' call for school empowerment

Former Deputy Headteacher backs Bear Grylls' call for school empowerment

Sue Atkins backed the TV presenter's call for schools to empower their kids with life skills

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One of Britain's most respected authorities on parenting has backed Bear Grylls on his call to "empower" children by teaching them life-skills in school. 

The TV presenter and father-of-three, in a media interview, criticised schools for not fully preparing children for adult life. 

He said: "I want my kids to be equipped and to know life is not a sprint to get to the top at 18. It's a long haul which rewards the persistent.

"Schools need to empower kids for life, rather than to get to a certain level on a league table."

Sue Atkins, a former deputy headteacher who is now a media commentator and author of Can-Do Kid’s Journal, backed Gryll's point of empowerment. 

She told Paul Ross: "I agree with Bear on this one. I used to be a deputy head, and we’ve become obsessed with data, whether children are achieving certain grades.

"We need to broaden what we mean by education and lifelong learning. We need to ensure they’re not just able to count and read.

"We need to ensure they have a can-do attitude to life to ensure you’ll try things, you won’t hold back, which is important to enjoying life and all of its experiences."