'Parents pay the same tax yet funding for pupils is not equal', says headteacher

'Parents pay the same tax yet funding for pupils is not equal', says headteacher

Headteachers are calling on the Government to increase funding

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A headteacher has claimed parents are paying the same tax yet some children are not getting equal funding.

Five thousand headteachers from across the country have backed a letter delivered to Downing Street today (November 14) calling for more school funding. It also warns of problems with large class sizes and resource cuts without a change to the funding system.

Nick Wergan, the headteacher at Steyning Grammar School in West Sussex and one of those delivering the letter to the Government, spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer about the matter.

He said "I'd argue that my parents and carers in my catchment area are paying the identical tax but are getting funding for their children that’s significantly reduced" in comparison to schools in other areas.

"The message is just so important," he continued. "If we don’t keep highlighting the inequity to funding then nothing is going to be done about it" and we "need to have an amount of money per student that actually enables every school in the country to function."

He claims "schools who are at the bottom of the nationally funded formula like West Sussex, my area, it’s impossible to balance budgets even though we have benchmark national figures for teacher-to-student ratios for example.

"Schools are having to make really difficult decisions because you have to shrink something to fit"

Wergan explained that, due to funding problems at his school, soon "you'd have to be cutting pastoral services, you’d have to be cutting the number of subjects that we teach, we’d have to be increasing class sizes."

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