Paul Ross recounts story of 'bizarre' weekend arrest

Paul Ross recounts story of 'bizarre' weekend arrest

Friday, March 31, 2017

Paul Ross has told the bizarre story of how he was falsely arrested over the weekend. 

During a discussion about police on his show, our Full Set Breakfast host revealed he was taken to a police station by five officers on Saturday morning to answer questions regarding a claim of actual bodily harm.

The claim was based on a fight Paul had tried to break up on his way home. After our presenter had tried to calm things down, he says two of the people involved had supposedly followed him home to attempt to pin the blame on him. 

Our presenter denied the claim, and quickly, it emerged that he had done nothing wrong and there was no evidence against him.

He told his talkRADIO listeners he was held in a prison cell for a number of hours after he was wrongly told he could go an hour after his interview, in order for his questioning officer to write up the interview, process it, and send it over to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Paul said: "All kinds of things go through your head. I thought: 'Is this happening to me'? 

"When they eventually let me out, I'd been there from 11 in the morning to 3am. 

"I quickly wrote it off as a weird and wonderful police overreaction - five officers to nick an old geyser with no criminal record. 

"I would have said the police hadn't let me down until last Saturday, because the officers moved with the speed of a man trying to melt a glacier."

Listen above.