'T-Levels' backed by Blair's former education guru

'T-Levels': 'It's quite right for Government to narrow tech qualifications down', says Sutton Trust director

The Government plans to overhaul technical qualifications in colleges (stock photo)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tony Blair's former senior advisor on education has backed the Government's plans for technical qualifications.

'T-Levels' is the media-given name for planned government changes which would see technical qualifications streamlined into 15 sectors.

Conor Ryan, who know runs the Sutton Trust, an organisation which supports education projects, explained the policy to Paul Ross.

He said: "One of the reasons they've happened - ironically - is because a lot of colleges were trying to hand out bespoke qualifications for individual employers.

"It's quite right we try to narrow this down, and it's absolutely crucial to get that college instruction and good apprenticeships.

"This is what is proposed for the T-levels, and we need to ensure students know this. 

"That's why it's important the Government clamps down and ensures colleges let people know this, so it's important that alongside the T-Levels, we ensure existing schools and colleges comply."

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