Theresa May mustn't call a snap election just to hammer Jeremy Corbyn, says Tory veteran John Redwood

'Good MPs don't want to be opportunistic and call a snap general election', says MP John Redwood

Some MPs have said Theresa May should call a snap election

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tory veteran John Redwood has said Theresa May shouldn't be "opportunistic" and trigger Article 50 just for the sake of hammering the Labour Party. 

Some Conservative MPs have called for the chief whip to push Theresa May into calling a snap general election. However Downing Street sources have been quoted in the Times denying these claims.

Redwood, the Tory MP for Wokingham and former party leadership challenger, told Julia-Hartley-Brewer there are only two reasons to call an early election - if either Ms May "can’t get her business through, particularly on Brexit" or if she'd "rather offer something different" to the current manifesto.

He believes neither of these conditions apply at the moment, adding “what I don’t think works is for the Conservatives to say 'Labour are currently low in the polls, let’s be opportunistic."

If the public believed the Tories were being so cynical, Redwood said, they would react extremely unfavourably.

Redwood added "the British people meant what they said, they had a fair debate and came to a conclusion" on Brexit. They want to "get it out the way" and want “a government that just gets on and governs."

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