US academic accused of demanding sex for grades

University of Rochester formally hits back at sexual harassment report

The university has issued a formal statement (Credit: Twitter @Jezebel)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A professor at the University of Rochester has been accused of doing drugs with students and demnading sex from them in return for grades.

The claims against Florian Jaeger, a professor of brain and cognitive sciences, first emerged in a formal filing of complaint against the university.

The document, which is a total of 113 pages, alleged Jaeger was a "narcissistic and manipulative sexual predator" who had conducted a campaign of sexual harrassment since he joined the University staff in 2007.

It claims he engaged in unprotected sex with students, took narcotics with them, and made it clear students seeking to excel needed to socially and sometimes sexually please him. 

The document alleges Jaeger gained access to personal information relating to his students, which was then used to humiliate them.

Last Friday, a report on the website Mother Jones cited a woman called Celeste Kidd, who had studied under Jaeger and alleged that he harassed her with a steady stream of lecherous messages.

It is also alleged that the university had enabled Jaeger's abuse by not taking action against him.

However the university has issued a statement to respond to the allegations, insisting they had been investigated and found to be unsubstantial, while saying the complaint document was "largely based on hearsay" and "ignored factual evidence."

Joel Seligman - the President of the University - has urged people not to jump to conclusions based on allegations, and said official channels of response were being used in response to the complaint.