Watch a drone get struck by lightning in crazy YouTube experiment

Tom Scott's experiment tested the drones to their absolute limit

Tom Scott's experiment tested the drones to their absolute limit

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wanna see a drone get struck by lighting? Of course you do. We all do.

Well now you can, thanks to the genius and curiosity of YouTube science guru Tom Scott - who may just have too much time on his hands.

Scott, who runs the YouTube channel Built for Science, decided to conduct an experiment to find out whether it was safe to fly a drone through an electrical storm.

To carry out the experiment he called on the Manchester University, which has its own High Voltage Lab complete with ligntning generator capable of emitting bolts of up to a million volts.

The generator is usually used to test the durability of planes, but Scott managed to persuade the university team to try it out with a drone instead.

Scott used two drones to conduct the experiment. The first drone was left with damage to its internal curcuitry, but its motor and battery survived largely intact. The second lost its propellors, which were blown away by the impact, and was basically fried.

The lesson... if you have a drone and want to try flying it in the middle of a lightning storm, or want to test it out in a high-voltage laboratory in your basement, don't (although we imagine both these scenarios are unlikely).

Check out the footage below: