Wayne Shaw pie incident: 'everyone's getting a bit carried away,' says Paddy Power

Wayne Shaw pie incident: 'everyone's getting a bit carried away,' says Paddy Power

Paddy Power think everyone's going a bit overboard about Wayne Shaw

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A representative from bookmakers Paddy Power told Paul Ross the controversy surrounding Wayne Shaw's pie-eating incident is everyone "getting a bit carried away". 

The reserve goalkeeper for Sutton United has resigned following an FA investigation being opened into an alleged breach of betting rules.

This follows his apparent admission that he knew about Sun Bets' 8-1 odds on him eating a pie during the team's face-off against Arsenal on Monday. Sun Bets also tweeted that they "paid out a five-figure sum" as a result of bets on the pie episode, suggesting some punters had inside knowledge of what was going to happen.

However, a represententative from leading bookmaker Paddy Power said the hype's being blown out of proportion. 

He said: "It's one man's decision whether he gets sent off, throws a penalty… but that could affect the result.

"That's pretty serious, but I think one for eating a pie isn't that serious.  It's not the same as match-fixing, it's odds on whether one of the subs eats a pie or not

"So an individual has fallen foul, but my gut is telling me everyone's getting a bit carried away.

"It's a little bit silly, immature, you can criticise both Sun Bets and the man himself, but he thought it would be a bit of a laugh. I imagine the last thing he expected was to get into trouble."