We should delay Article 50 until the people have had their say on the exit terms, says MP Geraint Davies

'Britain won't be able to conduct any meaningful EU negotiations', says MP Geraint Davies

Parliament are currently debating the Brexit bill

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

We should delay triggering Article 50 until the people have seen the final package negotiated by Theresa May.

That's according to MP Geraint Davies, who told talkRADIO that, if people don't like the terms secured from Brussels, they can vote to stay in the EU.

Parliament has been debating the bill to trigger Article 50 today (Wednesday), ahead of a vote. It is expected that the bill will pass with a resounding majority, although around 100 MPs are likely to vote against.

Speaking to James Whale last night, Davies, Labour MP for Swansea West, said many people now feel they were misled by the Leave campaign during the EU referendum.

He also suggested that "there won’t even be any meaningful negotiation from Britain" because we'll have already left by the time the discussions begin.

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