White terror suspects: 'Some of these people are almost autistic' says former security head

'Terrorism will continue because immigration is a problem in society', says former security head

Chris Phillips claims police are now focusing on terrorism (Stock image)

Friday, March 10, 2017

A former head of Britain's National Counter-Terrorism Security Office has said "mad people" have always been around and the underlying causes of terrorism are nothing new.

Chris Phillips also told Julia Hartley-Brewer that “We’ve seen some horrific attacks [in recent years[ and some of these people are almost autistic in as much of their planning of an attack methodology."

Phillips was speaking to talkRADIO in the light of figures showing that one in three terror suspects arrested in Britain were white, despite widespread misconceptions that this is a predominantly Muslim problem. 

Our interviewee said that while some of these suspects are "jumping on a bandwagon", the problem is generally attributable to the "enormous number of mad, bad and sad people in society that often fall by the wayside."

Phillips also said that terrorism isn't "going to go way in any form" over the next generation or so, so we'd better prepare ourselves.

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