World Emoji Day: Extra emojis we need to improve our texting lives

Today is World Emoji Day
Kebab emoji
Drunk emoji
Ed Sheeran emoji
Beard and man bun emojis
Donald Trump emoji
Fake news emoji
Selfie emoji
Washing up emoji
Low battery emoji

Many use emojis daily to text messages to their friends, but we think there should be a few more.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Today is World Emoji Day and many are celebrating the pictures that have made texting even simpler.

Whether we're happy, sad, thoughtful or just proudly flexing our biceps, there's a convenient symbol we can use for almost everything.

Well, almost everything.

Here at talkRADIO over recent months, we've noticed quite a few things that should be emojis, but aren't. In fact it's become a frequent gripe around the office - why isn't there an emoji for this, that or the other? As we're all inherently lazy at Talk Towers, this sort of thing really matters to us.

So as it's World Emoji Day - which, incidentally, takes place on June 17 as that's the date shown on the calendar emoji - here are some things that we think deserve their own emoji.

Take a look at them above in the gallery above