Clive Lewis

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

MPs think Clive Lewis could win an election, so they wouldn't back him for leadership, says political correspondent

'Labour MPs won't back Clive Lewis because they think he could actually win an election'

'MPs think Clive Lewis could win an election - so they won't back him'

Lewis stepped down from the shadow cabinet yesterday, fuelling talk of a leadership challenge

Clive Lewis warned by Labour colleague, 'quitting isn’t the best way to set out your leadership campaign'

Clive Lewis warned by Labour colleague: 'quitting won't help your leadership campaign'

'Quitting isn’t the best way for Clive Lewis to start a leadership campaign'

Clive Lewis has resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, to defy Labour’s three-line whip on the Brexit bill

Brexit: Labour party under fire after Jeremy Corbyn's ally Clive Lewis resigns

Brexit: Labour in crisis as Jeremy Corbyn ally Clive Lewis resigns

Labour in crisis as Corbyn ally resigns ahead of Article 50 vote

The MP for Norwich South and former shadow business secretary resigned his position, claiming he was acting in the interests of his constituents