Boris Johnson's constituents react to his Tory leadership win

The MP for Uxbridge is headed for Number 10

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Members of the community from Boris Johnson’s constituency in Uxbridge have reacted to their local MP’s leadership victory.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Keith French from central Uxbridge said he can’t see Mr Johnson as Prime Minister and doesn’t expect him to last.

Keith French: "He won't last more than 10 weeks."

“He’s a serial philanderer, he doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies, he frequently just tells porkies. I mean, they’re enjoyable but they’re lies,” he said.

“He won’t last more than about 10 weeks, he can’t because I don’t believe he can do what he says he’s going to do.”

On the matter of Brexit, Mr French continued: “People on his wage scale won’t be affected but people like me who live on a state pension – I’ll be shafted, it’s bad enough as it is.

“I wrote to him recently and didn’t even have the courtesy of a reply.”

Others were more optimistic at the prospect of Mr Johnson’s new job at Number 10.

Troy Lawrence from Yiewsley said: “It’s exciting; best of luck to him is what I say. I’m happy and I think he’ll deliver the Brexit that people want so good luck.”

Troy Lawrence: "I'll give him a shot."

Mr Lawrence added: “He can’t do much worse than what’s involved at the minute, I don’t think, so I’ll give him a shot.”

Patricia had similar feelings. She said: "I really don’t fancy him being Prime Minister myself, but what can we do? He’s got to be better than the last one surely."

But for Zacqeue da Silva, Mr Johnson is “a bit of a funny one”. He said that while leadership rival Jeremy Hunt was a good candidate, “Boris Johnson will be more aggressive and get to the point."

Michelle Cawkell from Hillingdon hopes that going forward Mr Johnson will do more to tackle knife crime.

Michelle Cawkell: "I think he'll do a brilliant job."

Ms Cawkell said knife crime is the main issue for young people in east London.

“I think it’s brilliant that Boris Johnson is our Prime Minister and hopefully he can tackle the knife crime that’s happening in Britain because it’s getting out of control now. I think he’ll do a brilliant job.”

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