Brexit celebs: Meet those who found fame after the EU referendum

Steve Bray

Anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray has become a well-known face through campaigning

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Since Britain voted to leave the EU, a number of previously unknown faces have been thrust into the spotlight.

Here's your guide to the who's who of Brexit.


Dr Victoria Bateman - Remainer

Dr Victoria Bateman delivering a talk on Brexit

Cambridge University fellow Dr Victoria Bateman found her way into the spotlight by making numerous media appearances fully nude.

The anti-Brexit campaigner appeared with the sentiment 'Brexit leaves Britain naked' across her chest in interviews on morning television and radio.

In January, Dr Bateman delivered a talk in the nude at her ticketed event 'Brexit: The Naked Truth', in which she spoke of how "exposed and vulnerable" Britain could be post-Brexit.

Footage from the event was circulated widely online, with many praising the economics fellow for her unique approach to campaigning.


Tim Martin - Leaver

Tim Martin at a Leave Means Leave rally

J.D Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin was already a well-known figure, but became even more prominent by using his pubs to channel his pro-Brexit stance.

From creating Brexit-themed beer mats to reducing the amount of drinks on sale from EU producers in favour of non-EU ones, the businessman is a passionate Brexiteer.

He has also been a key campaigner with Leave Means Leave, working closely with fellow leavers, Richard Tice and Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.


Steve Bray - Remainer

Campaigner Steve Bray

Dedicated anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray has become part of the furniture in Westminster.

The political activist from south Wales has been protesting outside Parliament since 2017, donning a distinctive blue hat featuring the words 'Stop Brexit' and a Union Jack cape.

He says he stands in the same patch of pavement seven hours a day until 6pm, before moving to the gates of the House of Commons and continuing his protest.

Mr Bray - a former rare coins dealer - caught the attention of the nation by appearing in the background of live news broadcasts shouting 'Stop Brexit'.


Gloria Jane Martin - Leaver

The UKIP supporter is easy to spot in the swarm of campaigners that gather in Westminster.

Gloria Jane Martin regularly campaigns for a no-deal Brexit dressed all in red, wearing slogans including 'EU rebel', 'Let's go WTO' and 'I voted leave'.

She is a regular attendee at Leave Means Leave events, and a firm favourite with photographers.


Femi Oluwole - Remainer

Femi Oluwole is the chief spokesman for the youth anti-Brexit campaign, Our Future Our Choice (OFOC).

His position as a spokesman for the group made him a well-known face around Westminster, and he has appeared alongside politicians and fellow campaigners on TV and radio, wearing a selection of OFOC branded t-shirts.

As well as being a spokesperson for the group, he has also taken part in their protests, including travelling across the country in a so-called 'battle bus' to campaign for a second referendum and staging a funeral for Brexit, complete with a life-size casket.

He was caught in the crossfire when a group of Brexiteers harassed the pro-remain Anna Soubry in Westminster, and captured the confrontation on video.


Richard Tice - Leaver

Richard Tice is a staunch Brexiteer, and founded Leave.EU with Arron Banks.

The businessman is now the co-chair of the Leave Means Leave campaign and has been taking part in Nigel Farage's March to Leave event.

He has been referred to as a 'bad boy of Brexit', along with fellow leave campaigners Arron Banks and Nigel Farage.


EU supergirl - Remainer

Madeleina Kay is known as EU supergirl on the anti-Brexit campaigning circuit.

She usually dons a Superwoman costume when campaigning, and sometimes brings her dog along, which she dresses in EU flags.

Ms Kay is a keen supporter of a second referendum and has penned multiple Brexit-themed songs which she performs around the country.

Among her songs are 'Final Say' calling for a second Brexit vote, and 'Don't Hold Back', an anthem for anti-Brexit campaigners.

Her passion for the European Union earned her the title of 'Young European of the Year' back in 2018.