Brexit Stories: 'I made a mistake voting Leave'

Assim Ishaque with the toy he invented, Simbrix. Image: talkRADIO

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Assim Ishaque is the Nottingham-based founder of toy company Simbrix. He voted Leave in the 2016 referendum because he thought it offered the best deal for Britain. He now thinks we should be offered a second vote.

"I’m an entrepreneur, I’ve been working for myself for about 17 years, and I think every deal at some point needs re-evaluating. Based on the information we had, I thought that Britain needs to re-evaluate its relationship with the world and Europe.

I can only base my decision on the information I got. As a businessperson I thought the information was good - more money to health services, more money to schools, better trading arrangements around the world.

But that information turned out to be completely false. It was a figment of a politician’s imagination, all their deepest hopes and fantasies were exhibited during the referendum and they all pretty much got it wrong.


'It's embarrassing'

"The politicians who were supposed to negotiate this have done a really bad job.  It’s embarrassing. Even my young children say it’s a mess.

I now think I made a mistake, because I was given mistaken information. I think we should have another chance to vote, based on information that is accurate and available.

I don’t think there’s any alternative to a second referendum now - even the Brexiteers haven’t got what they thought they were going to get.

My business sells all over the world, and we’re working on getting into high street stores at the moment. Brexit could add an awful lot of work in what is already complex.

We already see some issues sending product to Switzerland, because they’re outside the formal European partnership.

I thought ‘Brand Britain’ separating itself and standing alone would be great. But ‘Brand Britain’ has always been great, and now, I think I’d rather we kept that brand as part of the European family."


As told to talkRADIO