Brexit Stories: 'Theatre companies from Europe will be reluctant to head to the UK'

Andrew Venning appears in a production of Macbeth. Image: Andrew Venning

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Andrew Venning is a London-based actor. He voted remain in the referendum.

"I’ve worked in Europe several times. Sometimes there are English-speaking companies in Europe that employ you directly.

It’s always been fine working abroad, the conversation about visas doesn’t even come up.

Recently however, one of my friends said he saw an advert for a casting saying they wanted EU passport holders only, which this company hadn’t previously done.

They have to look at costs, whether they can afford a visa or not. It makes sense for them to only go for EU citizens, but it immediately cuts off a significant amount of work for someone like me.  

It would also affect UK-based companies as they would have to pay for visas now.

If I look over my career, there might be one or two jobs a year I won’t be seen for now.  

I also think companies from Europe might be reluctant to head to the UK, which is a real shame as London is the cultural hub of Europe.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I think Brexit will have a real impact on that."


As told to talkRADIO