Brexit Stories: 'We would have more of a voice as part of the European Union'

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Annie Hanbury is the founder of Dorset-based ice cream company Baboo Gelato. She voted Remain in the referendum, and is concerned Brexit may leave the UK with less of a voice in Europe.

"I did feel that Britain would be stronger if it was together in a large trading unit. Being on its own, it has less of a voice.

While I think the EU does need a lot of change, I think one can do that from within better than from being outside.

We try to source our ingredients locally as much as possible, from our own garden or farms around here, but there are obviously some fruits which just don’t grow in Britain and have to come from abroad.  A weakening sterling doesn’t help import prices for us.

There is also the fear of administration problems and delays at customs. Our business is very weather-related so it’s quite difficult to gauge what the demand is going to be week by week so we need short delivery times.

Most of our European suppliers are very small, so they’ll have no influence in trying to get the goods to us any faster, that’s in the hands of what will happen.

We don’t have much foreign tourism here, but we do have a lot of people from the rest of the UK.

If the pound is getting weaker it makes going abroad more expensive, so hopefully we’ll get more people coming here on holiday and buying more ice-cream."


As told to talkRADIO