Extinction Rebellion: How people reacted to the protests

XR protests

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Environmental activists have been protesting against climate change in London this week by vandalising buildings and gluing themselves to trains.

Police have arrested over 400 Extinction Rebellion protesters to date, as the demonstrations continue for a fourth day.

There has been a mixed reaction to the protests, with some arguing that the activists were a nuisance, and others coming out in support of them.

Gary Garratt wrote online that the vandalism of oil giant Shell's headquarters was a step too far.

"Protesting is all well and good. Smashing windows, gluing themselves to trains and stopping people from going to work however is not."

But Twitter user Dr Jonathan R argued that the protesters were not going far enough.

"If these protesters were serious they would storm Parliament or Downing Street, not stop innocent people trying to get to work, job interviews etc!".

However, talkRADIO host James Whale, condemned the actions of protesters.

"The police are so busy trying to look after you lot it would be impossible for them to deal properly with a terrorist attack. You should be ashamed of yourselves," he told listeners.

After footage of some of the protesters dancing on a bridge in London emerged, talkRADIO asked Twitter and Facebook users to describe the scene in no more than three words.

"Trust fund tango," joked Twitter user Charlie Taters.

Another, Ali Woodlands, defended the group, writing: "Saving our butts."

And Facebook user, Dryden Cooper, questioned how the protesters made it to London, posting online: "What mode of transport did they use to reach London? I doubt very much that it was pedal powered."

A talkRADIO poll of 894 people found that just 17 per cent of respondents thought climate change was an urgent issue, with 83 per cent polled saying that Brexit is a more pressing matter.

Responding to the results, one Twitter user wrote: "This poll proves why Extinction Rebellion is so necessary".

Another replied: "Sorry but my priority is getting out of the UK and the EU ASAP. Sensible governance in Britain is no more."